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"NYC Audio Video Post has helped our company grow amazingly over the past 3 years. The devil was in the details and we realised early on that we weren’t developing the right presentation to correctly pitch our ideas, the investor wasn’t concerned so much about the product but what effect the product would have on the customers. This slight shift in focus, developed accordingly with NYC Audio Video Post, helped us seal the deal."
                                                                  W. Ashby
                                                                 - Designer

"If you want real video marketing that works and effective implementation – where you know you will get the results- use NYC Audio Video Post. When a lot is riding on a campaign you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank NYC AV POST enough for assisting us in getting where we are today.”

                                                                 A. Pressman
                                                                 - Publisher
"NYC Audio Video Post has been a phenomenal company to work with. We were amazed at the creativity & professionalism of NYC Audio Video Post. They took our below average video footage and transformed it into an appealing and informative documentary. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The editor listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend that you use NYC Audio Video Post as your post-production facility."

                                                                 M. Sabree
                                                               - Producer
"NYC Audio Video Post did an amazing job and we passionately recommend them to all of our colleagues and associates as a 'full package' - a team of cutting edge talent, dedication and passion for video.''

              V. Stockman
             - Producer